About us

Refer Your Work to the Company with the Right Know-How

Ghasemi trading co. with the Managment of Saeed Ghasemi (Registration No. 7168) started its activity since 1996. By employing expert personnel, establishing agencies in the import customs offices and ports of the country, and establishing 10 years of brilliant consultancy record in customs offices all over IRAN, the company has managed to earn its good reputation , as well as the truct of numerous Iranian exporters and importers.

the successful experience of providing services in different fields of local and foreign trade to Iranian companies and commercial and industrial institutes has encouraged many merchants and industrialists to refer various tasks to Ghasemi Company , including : transportation(domestic nad international ), registration of orders, opening of credit(L/C) , obtaining import and export permissions, as well as various standard , inspection and health certificates , clearance of goods ,follow-up of customs disputes, warehousing, packaging, loading and unloading, or any other services related to their foreign commercial affairs from the begining to the end.

our sincere colleagues offer cutomers such services in the shirtest possible time using the best method.


Capabilities & Services

 Our Expertise in acting customer's best interests by imploying the best methods, as well as the capability of our personnel in following up various processes and stages of performing commercial affairs, has enabled us to provide services on all the fileds related to domestic and international trading.

The following are some of services offered by our company :

1- drawing up/issuing of proforma invoices for importers and exporters

2- providing expert consultancy of tariffs as well as assessment of the goods

3- obtaining legal permits and authorizations

4- transporting goods via air, sea, land and railway(domestic and international)

5- export , import , temporary entry , transit (domestic and foreign ) , cabotage , etc , as well as offering consultancy and executive advice on all the field related to trade , transportation , insurance, warehousing, packaging , etc.